Ceiling Insulation

Insulation acts as a safe, energy saving barrier to heat entering your home in summer and heat loss in winter. Insulation is easy and safe to install and will cost less than you might think! It’ll keep you and your family feeling comfortable all year round.


  • Increases comfort levels
  • Roof Insulation reduces temperatures in summer by 10-12C
  • Roof Insulation reduces temperatures in winter by 10-12C
  • Save up to 40% on energy costs
  • Roof insulation reduces greenhouse emissions
  • Pays for itself within 5 years
  • Guaranteed for the life of your home

You deserve to feel comfortable

Your home absorbs heat during those long, hot summer days, through the roof and walls. In winter the reverse happens. All that cosy warmth you create disappears through the walls and ceilings. By installing insulation you reduce that heat transfer by up to 60% and that means great savings on your energy bills, not to mention how comfortable you’ll be. Insulation can actually reduce summer heat in your home by up to 10 – 12 degrees Celcius. It’s non-combustible so there is no increased fire risk and it can even reduce noise from entering your home

Save Money

With the high cost of energy for heating and cooling, more and more importance is placed on energy saving measures in our homes. By reducing the amount of energy needed to achieve comfortable temperatures in our homes we save significant amounts of money. Equally as important, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions which is vital for our environment. The savings on energy bills could mean your insulation could pay for itself in under 5 years. That’s a smart investment in your comfort and property value. Our Insulation Batts are guaranteed to last the lifetime of your home.

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